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Jack Weber --
Author of numerous articles and newsletters since 1966.
Mentioned in both of Harry Browne’s NY Times bestsellers, as a broker who could  give reliable advice.
Investor in precious metals since 1960.


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If you’d like to deal with someone who has been personally invested in gold holdings for 47 years, this is the site! The owner of Golden Eagle Enterprises, Inc., Mr. Jack Weber, bought his first St. Gaudens Double Eagle gold coin in 1960. He began helping others invest into gold in 1966, after he came to the realization that God made gold, not Federal Reserve Notes.

When Harry Browne (Libertarian Party presidential candidate and author of the N.Y. Times bestsellers: “How to Profit From the Coming Devaluation – 1970 and “You Can Profit From A Monetary Crisis” – 1974) noted Mr. Weber’s expertise in gold, he encouraged his readers to contact him. Thousands did and benefited immensely when Mr. Weber sold them out of their gold investments in January 1980, when gold was over $700/oz.

Mr. Weber has participated in the daily trading of gold for over 37 years. He works alone, so you will pay no salesmen’s commissions if you chose to deal with him and his markup on coins is about half what other national firms charge. If you have a question that no one else has been able to answer, feel free to email him (button) and he will reply to you as quickly as possible. Otherwise, Mr. Weber assumes you have the necessary background to make the important decision to invest into gold coins. If not, read “WHY GOLD?


The bottom of a 20-year decline in gold occurred in July 1999 at $250, and a new gold bull market was confirmed in March 2001 at $255. (Click here for long-term chart) If you’d like to benefit from the coming multi-year rise in the price of gold, contact Golden Eagle Enterprises, Inc. at their email address: jack@goldeneagleenterprises.net


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