Golden Eagle Enterprises, Inc. is a member of the Phoenix Better Business Bureau, the American Numismatic Association and Numismatic Guarantee Corporation of America. Neither the company nor Mr. Weber have ever had any complaints filed with any of those organizations (or with any other business organization or agency), by any clients during the owner’s 45 year career of assisting thousands of people invest their savings. That is a truly amazing business record. Have errors of judgment or market timing been made? Of course, no one is always perfect regarding markets, but the overall outcome is what’s important.

G.G.E. has been in business since 1997, but the founder, Jack Weber started in the investment business in 1958 as a securities broker. By 1966 he had concluded that the stock market was due for another major correction and it might be a good time to invest into gold mining stocks – which he did, not only for himself, but also for his clients.

He made this decision due to a very providential conversation with a neighborhood pastor. “During one of our biblical discussions he mentioned the wisdom of holding gold coins because of their genuine, moral and ethical value compared with paper currency, which is man made and has NO intrinsic value. To make his point, he asked me what I had paid for the suit I was wearing. I told him that it had cost about $50. He held up a gold coin and told me that it was currently worth $45 and that if I were to buy one (and since they were essentially of equal value), he could absolutely assure me that I would always be able to purchase a suit of clothes for whatever the coin would be worth at any given time. Well, today, 43 years later, a decent man’s suit of clothes costs about $400 and those same coins are worth just that amount. If I still had those $45 paper dollars, they’d hardly buy a decent dress shirt and tie today. Perhaps this true story will help you see the point of holding gold over paper dollars – as a store of value -- that will protect the purchasing power of your savings! I certainly hope so.”

Mr. Weber has been interviewed on numerous TV and radio talk shows, written several articles for the internet and newsletters for his clients. In 1970, when gold was just beginning its meteoric rise from $35 to $875 on January 21, 1980, Harry Browne (twice the Libertarian Party candidate for U.S. President) published his first N.Y. Times bestseller, How You Can Profit From The Coming Devaluation. In that book, Mr. Browne encouraged his readers to contact Mr. Weber as a broker who could give reliable advice regarding gold stocks. Mr. Browne used several of Mr. Weber’s comments regarding gold mining stocks in his second best seller (You Can Profit From A Monetary Crisis) in 1974. During the ‘70’s, thousands of clients did very well by following his advice, because Mr. Weber took everyone out of their gold holdings in January 1980 when gold was over $700/oz.

“It’s my opinion that gold is now poised for another major rise in price, perhaps dwarfing the gold bull market of the ‘70’s, due to the many fundamental weaknesses in the U.S. economy and financial structure. Always keep in mind that never, in the entire history of the world, has an unbacked paper currency survived. At this point, the US dollar has survived longer than any other unbacked paper currency in world economic history. How much longer can it last with currencies such as the euro, dinar and yuan now going to a gold backing for obtaining world financial confidence? Not much longer, if I’ve learned anything from being in the investment business for the past 45 years.”

“I’ve always based my approach to clients by keeping in mind that most of them want primarily to preserve their hard-earned savings and hopefully see them grow. They also want their holdings to be safe, of high quality and protected from the probability of hyperinflation. Those are the reasons that I presently confine my investment suggestions to gold and silver coins.”


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