What do I mean by “Better Coins?”

To fully understand why I feel that the coins I have researched are “better,” I encourage you to read my item “confiscation.” If the US does not suffer another official confiscation then any gold will be “good.” However, it’s my opinion, after studying this topic for the better part of the past 37 years, that we will experience another such invasion of our financial privacy, so some forms of gold will be “better,” because you will be able to keep them.

It would also be helpful for your understanding of my term “better” if you will read my item, “legal tender.” As Dr. Holloway has so well stated, if you hold “legal tender” items (such as coins) the issuing agency (in this case, the US Treasury) has legal jurisdiction and thus control of those items. But, if your coins are not US coins and/or previously defined as being not subject to confiscation, then I feel it’s reasonable to expect we will be able to maintain our ownership and possession of them.

Should my assumptions, and thus my conclusions, be wrong, then I suggest that we will probably all be in concentration camps and it won’t really matter what preparations we made. I sincerely hope that won’t be the case.

BETTER COINS -- So, in my studied opinion, which are the best coins to acquire at this time? Well, I’ve given this topic several years of though, reading and research. Even after all this “brain drain,” I could still be wrong. However, here’s my reasoning.

1. If you do the math, you’ll be able to determine that if you add all of the currently certified US gold coins together, the market value is less than $1.5 billion. That’s less than one day’s interest on the national debt. I really don’t think it would be worth their time to try to get such a minute amount of gold. Never happen.

2. If they should try to get our “collector” gold, and are willing to pay the market value at that time, they can have mine and I’ll put the proceeds into other types of investments. However, if they try to give me the present official government price of $42.22/oz (as the Supreme Court has stipulated for payment upon confiscation), they will see me in court pleading the rule of “eminent domain.” If my attorney and I properly understand that plea, I’ll win, and either be paid the then market price for my coins, or be allowed to keep them.

The coins that knowledgeable coins dealers are expecting will be the best to hold to avoid confiscation are pictured here. The first two are US coins and the second two are foreign coins. All are suggested, for the simple reasons of diversification of coins and countries.

There are three major reasons to acquire the one ounce US Double Eagle gold pieces, and there are two types, the old $20 Liberty (minted between 1877 and 1907) and the Saint Gaudens, (minted between 1907 and 1932):

1. If they are graded at least MS63, they are classified as being “collector” grades, and at least in the past, not subject to confiscation.

2. In the past, these coins in grades MS63 or higher, have normally risen 50% faster in price than the bullion price of gold during gold bull markets, so it is well worth paying a little more to get them.

3. They are very “liquid,” being the most highly traded of all the certified US gold coins and therefore should be very easy to sell when that time comes.

The decisions we need to make for you are which coins you should start with and the grade(s) you wish to acquire. Call for your “no pressure” consultation.

For clarity, coins are depicted larger than actual size

Saint-Gaudens "Double Eagle" Obverse

Saint-Gaudens "Double Eagle" Reverse

Liberty "Double Eagle" Obverse
Liberty "Double Eagle" Reverse

BETTER RETURN -- In addition to the consideration of confiscation, you need to recognize that “collector” coins also have advantage over bullion gold (bars or coins) in that they normally rise in value about 50% faster in a bull market. Therefore, you have a chance to make a much better return on your investment.

The second major classification of coins that I own, and recommend for clients, is known as “barter” coins. The ones I feel most comfortable holding are foreign, small denomination coins such as those pictured below. For clarity, they are pictured larger than actual size.

Since the 1880’s, the Swiss 20 Franc has been one of the most highly sought after coin on earth. Today, these beautiful antique coins are available in Brilliant, Uncirculated (BU) condition. The Swiss Francs are a little larger than a dime and contain about a fifth of an ounce of gold.

For over a century, the British Sovereign was the pride and glory of the British Empire and the preferred medium of exchange in many parts of the world. These excellent coins are about the size of a nickel and contain nearly a quarter ounce of gold.

For clarity, coins are depicted larger than actual size

Swiss 20 Franc Obverse

Swiss 20 Franc Reverse

British Sovereign Obverse

British Sovereign Reverse

Either of these globally recognized coins would provide its holder with the perfect balance of privacy, protection, value and excellent appreciation potential.

What do I mean by "Better Prices?

While I don’t pretend to check every “mom & pop coin and rock shop” each and every day, I do know that most other national firms charge twice the mark-up on “collector” coins that I do, and I also know that I’m very competitive on “barter” coins. Since prices are subject to continual change, I encourage you to call 1866-465-3496 during working hours for accurate prices. Feel free to check with me, but I wouldn’t have been in business all these years if I didn’t treat people fairly. And, you may find it beneficial to read the item “When To Sell” on my website. I look forward to being of assistance to you.

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