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To Purchase: After you and Jack have determined how many of which coins you wish to purchase, you will need to either send a bank wire, bank money order, bank cashier’s check or your personal check, depending on the gold market conditions at the time.

Bank wire instructions:

Direct to:
Wells Fargo Minnesota, N.A.
Bank # 121-000-248

Golden Eagle Enterprises, Inc.
Account # 644-334-3964

Wells Fargo
6th & Marquette
Phone: 1888:384-8400

Please call me at 1-866-465-3496 for additional information and mailing instructions.

Your coins will arrive at your address by REGISTERED & INSURED mail with NO indication as to the contents on the outside of the package.


Is there going to be a time to sell your gold coins? If history is any indication, there undoubtedly will be such a time. I remember well January 2, 1980. Gold closed at $575/oz. For several days, it had been rising more per day than the total price was ($35) when I first began encouraging clients to invest some of their savings into it. It was one of those classical spikes; so reminiscent of a climax top -- such as we saw again in the NASDAQ a couple years ago. Not wishing to go through another decline like we saw between 1974 and 1976, when gold dropped from $197 to $103/oz, I sent a letter to all my clients on that January day, suggesting that “…straight up moves are normally followed by straight down moves. I’m getting out of my gold positions and if you wish to do so, call me and I’ll help you.” Every single client (hundreds) called me within the next two weeks and I got them all out while gold was over $700. A similar day (perhaps several) is undoubtedly ahead of us again, and you need to be in touch with someone who can help you determine when that time has arrived. You might find it advisable to be acquiring your coins from someone who has already been through such a scenario to guide you. Of course, it’s also very likely that you’ll need to use some, if not all your gold (and silver) coins for barter, because the next major top in gold may be quite different than the one in 1980. I’d consider it a privilege to attempt to assist you in making such fundamentally important decisions.

To Sell: For you to sell back the coins you purchased from Golden Eagle Enterprises, Inc., all you need to do is ship them to the company address by registered & insured mail. You will need to call and determine the approximate value so you can determine the amount of adequate insurance coverage you will need on the package. The price you will receive will be determined the day they arrive at the company office. The repurchase prices of your coins will be the total value that the wholesalers are offering on the day your coins arrive here. You will not be charged any commission, fees or sales charges upon repurchase of your coins by G.E.E.


Golden Eagle Enterprises, Inc.
Toll Free: 1-866-465-3496